The Digital Triangle of Software Automation

You may have heard of the "Iron Triangle of Project Management" (or Triple Constraint, Project Management Triangle) and if not it goes something like this:The quality of any project is determined by the following:features requested,budgets (usually people) givenand the deadlineA change to any of these 3 items will necessarily change [...]

Strategic Web Design

Here's the scenario: You have a great product that you want to bring to market. The only problem is, you don't know how to stand out, how to grab attention amongst the noise. It looks like your project can use some Strategic Web Design! In this article, I will [...]

Working Remotely

Working remotely once wasn’t even a possibility. Just like google wasn’t a way you could look up actual information. What, there was a time before google? Yes, my friends that’s right. You had to go all the way into the library to do your research. Heard of a card [...]