Here’s the scenario: You have a great product that you want to bring to market. The only problem is, you don’t know how to stand out, how to grab attention amongst the noise. It looks like your project can use some Strategic Web Design! In this article, I will discuss how Strategic Web Design can help your brand get that valuable market share your product deserves.

Good design can mean a lot of different things. Often design is considered the shiny creative we put on a finished product. Having a creative product, logo or website is undoubtedly lovely, but what we are going to be focused on is Strategic Web Design. Strategic Web Design is a blend of User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), branding and content strategy.

Strategic Web Design focuses on how to have the best possible creative and the best possible content. If your creative isn’t incorporating a strategic approach, then you are guessing with shapes and colors.

Strategic Web Design supports your product in the following ways:

1. Targeting Your Target Market

The first step in Strategic Web Design is to figure out who your target market is. At Scenario 77 we have a series of marketing persona meetings to determine who the most likely buyers are of your product. The information collected from those sessions serves as the foundation for all future marketing efforts and inspires the direction of all creative.

2. Content Is Still King

Once you have your target market honed in on, it’s essential to create content that speaks to your ideal customers. By creating a content-first approach, all facets of your marketing will be concentrated on the messaging. No amount of creative will ever replace useful and compelling content.

3. Creative Catered to the User

After you have your content generated, you can take the guesswork out of design and focus on producing creative that strategically reinforces the messaging.

4. Measure, Measure, Measure

After producing your creative, it is essential to measure the success of the Strategic Web Design. Whether it’s verifying via analytics or A/B Testing, the ability to consistently measure the effectiveness of the Strategic Web Design will ensure continued maintenance towards a successful outcome.

Strategic Web Design does take time and effort between the agency and the client. It is indeed not an overnight success. With proper measuring and possible strategy shifts along the way, the partnership between agency and client can produce rewarding results that can help strategically gain market share for your product or business.