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The Digital Triangle of Software Automation

You may have heard of the "Iron Triangle of Project Management" (or Triple Constraint, Project Management Triangle) and if not it goes something like this:The quality of any project is determined by the following:features requested,budgets (usually people) givenand the deadlineA change to any of these 3 items will necessarily change [...]

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Do You Really Need A Mobile App?

Building a mobile app has been an increasingly popular option for many business in recent years. There are many reasons why businesses want and need a mobile app. A mobile app can increase engagement and loyalty with your customers. - access to discounts, loyalty or rewards programs - instant feedback or [...]

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How Much Does A Mobile App Cost?

The short answer is $1 million dollars. Just kidding. Of course the answer is it depends on what you want to build. However Scenario 77 has built enough mobile apps over the years that we can give you a basic idea of what to expect. Will this be Android [...]

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Continuous Improvement Software

"Prove it!" That was the mandate given to a manager at a local factory. He left that meeting and picked up the phone and started looking for a custom software vendor. That's where Scenario 77 comes in. The problem After an initial Discovery meeting, it became clear that this [...]

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Strategic Project Management

Here's the scenario: you need a marketing or software project done on time and under budget. But just as you start, it seems like the budget is already being squandered, the resources aren't sure where to start, and the project grinds to a halt. It sounds like you need [...]

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