Working remotely once wasn’t even a possibility. Just like google wasn’t a way you could look up actual information. What, there was a time before google? Yes, my friends that’s right. You had to go all the way into the library to do your research. Heard of a card catalog? That was google, anyway, we are getting off track. What was I talking about again, ah working remotely. Yes, there was a time when working remotely wasn’t even a possibility. I consider myself very lucky that on Monday mornings I don’t have that long commute into the office. Here are my top reasons why I love working remotely.

1. Work/Home Balance: Having the ability to be there for my family, manage household necessities, like the dreaded laundry pile and making sure all the kids get to their respective activities, all while working 40 hours a week is a big job. And that, my friends was a long sentence. Working remotely makes it all possible! Long gone are the days of only having to schedule appointments after work hours, or the worst, losing a much needed weekend day to house hold chores. Hello to a healthy work/home balance! Now I can even take some time and treat myself to some….dare I say… time!

2. Being More Productive: We can all agree that the cubicle office style is the worst work environment ever! Thank goodness this is mostly a thing of the past. Kinda like those dreaded card catalogs. No two people work best under the exact same conditions. Some like to throw in their earbuds and jam out. Okay, I’ll confess, when I want to really get something done my favorite Spotify playlist is my go to work jam. Some people work better when it’s quiet and have less distractions nearby. Working remotely lets me work in the environment that’s best for me, jamming out to my favorite playlist which makes me more productive.

3. Avoiding Traffic: “I just can’t wait to sit in rush hour traffic”, has said, no one ever! It sure is nice when I finish up my day, to literally just be done with my work day. No deciding if I should just stick around for a half an hour while traffic dies down to avoid getting stuck in it. Instead I can decide if I want to go for a bike ride, or maybe try out that new class at the gym I’ve been thinking about. Not having to spend hours a day commuting gives me something very valuable. More time.

4. Flexibility: I’m sure you are just like me, and are pulled in lots of different directions every single day. Between school schedules, appointments for the kids and ourselves alike, to the everyday demands of life. It’s nice to know that I can work from anywhere. Thank goodness for internet, right! Now because of this lovely technology called the internet, I can work from my chair at home, a chair on a beach or in a chair on a dock listening to the water. Did you notice the pattern? Yes, I mainly work sitting in chairs! I’m so glad I live in today’s world where working remotely is not only a possibility but a reality!

Now find that perfect spot at home, set up your computer and gather up all of your necessary tools you need to do your job. Don’t forget your earbuds, and get working.