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The Hidden Benefits of Good Reviews

Could your business benefit from having positive reviews on review sites such as Google Business and Yelp? While there is an obvious benefit to receiving a good review online there are several hidden benefits to soliciting good reviews from your customers. Additional Search Result Rankings When you search for [...]

The importance of Calls to Action

Far too many websites never ask their visitors to buy their product or schedule an appointment for service. Scenario 77 works with each customer's website to ensure that on every page your customer is never confused about what you want them to do next. Primary Call to Action On [...]

The Digital Triangle of Software Automation

You may have heard of the "Iron Triangle of Project Management" (or Triple Constraint, Project Management Triangle) and if not it goes something like this:The quality of any project is determined by the following:features requested,budgets (usually people) givenand the deadlineA change to any of these 3 items will necessarily change [...]